Homeless Victims of Cold Canadian Weather

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Toronto Stock Exchange Takes a Nosedive

The Toronto Stock Exchange's main index extended its slide Tuesday, falling 200 points amid weak resource issues and new data that deepened fears of a U.S. recession.

Ottawa Senior Citizens Victims of Million Dollar Scam

Several senior citizens living in the Ottawa capital region are the victims of a gang of con artists that stripped them of over $1 M in fraudulent home renovation schemes.

7% Tax Hike Set for Toronto Area

Toronto residents will feel the pinch if the city goes ahead with proposed increases in taxes.

Thief Robs Montreal Church During Communion

A man stole $1,500 worth of donations from collection plates at a Montreal area church while congregants were receiving communion.

Canadian Soldiers Hit by Improvised Explosive Device

Three Canadian soldiers encountered an improvised explosive device that destroyed their vehicle while on a routine patrol mission in Afghanistan.

Woman Found Dead in Popular Mountain Resort

A young woman was found dead in a mountain resort popular with Montrealers.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Corruption Brutality Rife in Toronto Police Force

Toronto cops have been charged with corruption, deceit and brutality.

Disgraced Toronto Pathologist's Mistakes Put Innocent People in Jail

A leading Toronto pathologist's mistakes and cover-up have sent innocent people to jail:

Man Killed in Montreal Subway

A man was shot dead near a Montreal subway station.

Ontario Against School for Black Children

Ontario's premier Dalton McGuinty opposes the creation of a school for black children that aims to fight the alarming dropout rate of black children in mixed schools.

Science Takes a Turn for the Worse

Canada has fired its top national science advisor and is terminating the position altogether leaving questions of ethics and the public good behind.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Suspected Al-Qaeda Collaborator Freed from Canadian Jail

Suspected al-Qaida collaborator Mohamed Harkat is being freed from jail, but will remain under house arrest until his next hearing.

Quebec Language Woes Threaten Patient's Lives

Patient's lives may be at stake because Quebec hospitals are refusing to provide services to the sick in their own language.

Vancouver Prevents Aboriginals from Getting HIV Treatment

Aboriginal drug users living in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside are contracting HIV-AIDS at twice the rate of non-aboriginal users because Vancouver's health services are refusing to help them.

Canadian Government Responsible For Native's Deaths

The Canadian government may be held responsible for alcohol-linked deaths after it blocked attempts by the Yellow Quill First Nation to ban alcohol on the Nation's reserve.

Canada Approves Torture In Afghanistan

The Canadian government colluded with Afghani authorities to keep human rights abuses in Afghanistan a secret.