Homeless Victims of Cold Canadian Weather

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Toronto Stock Exchange Takes a Nosedive

The Toronto Stock Exchange's main index extended its slide Tuesday, falling 200 points amid weak resource issues and new data that deepened fears of a U.S. recession.

Ottawa Senior Citizens Victims of Million Dollar Scam

Several senior citizens living in the Ottawa capital region are the victims of a gang of con artists that stripped them of over $1 M in fraudulent home renovation schemes.

7% Tax Hike Set for Toronto Area

Toronto residents will feel the pinch if the city goes ahead with proposed increases in taxes.

Thief Robs Montreal Church During Communion

A man stole $1,500 worth of donations from collection plates at a Montreal area church while congregants were receiving communion.

Canadian Soldiers Hit by Improvised Explosive Device

Three Canadian soldiers encountered an improvised explosive device that destroyed their vehicle while on a routine patrol mission in Afghanistan.

Woman Found Dead in Popular Mountain Resort

A young woman was found dead in a mountain resort popular with Montrealers.